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Why Should Your Child Get Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Dental braces are often associated with teenagers, but many parents don’t realize that investing in braces for their child at an earlier age can bring much bigger benefits in the long run. Dental braces are a great way to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy and protected for their lifetime. 

Investing in getting dental braces for your child now has many benefits, from reducing the risk of cavities, and improving the way teeth look and feel, down the road to correcting misalignment and bite issues. They can help with the structural alignment of teeth and jaws, which can have a significant impact on your child’s overall health and well-being.

When to Make Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit

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The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises that children get their initial examination by an orthodontist no later than age 7, even if there do not appear to be any orthodontic issues. Children have a mixture of baby (primary) and permanent teeth at the age of 6 to 7.

The reason for this is because the teeth and jaws are mature enough for the dentist or orthodontist to determine whether there will be any major biting issues in the future. It provides the parents and dentist time to observe the patient’s growth and select the most appropriate course of action. 

The examination often involves a thorough review and assessment of the size and position of the jaw bones, the proportions of the face, and the normal growth and positioning of the teeth. Appropriate intervention is advised if there is or if one may be developing orthodontic issues.

The right time for the subsequent orthodontic examination may usually be identified when there are no issues or when no immediate action is needed.

Child Dental braces

Although the majority of people think orthodontic treatment is primarily used for cosmetic reasons, there are a number of ways braces could actually enhance a child’s lifestyle and health. Among of these are :

  • It can boost one’s confidence and self-worth. People who smile attractively tend to feel good about themselves and come across as more confident in a variety of settings. People who are unafraid and confident frequently have better achievements in their professional, academic, athletic, and other ambitious endeavors.
  • It May Aid in Preventing Tooth Decay. In order to correctly brush and floss teeth, it might be challenging to reach certain surfaces of teeth that are misaligned, overlapping, or crooked. Straight teeth reduce the likelihood of getting cavities and the ensuing, unpleasant, and expensive dental work.
  • It might help in heart disease prevention. Malocclusion-related oral hygiene issues can have a detrimental effect on gum health (misaligned teeth due to jaw problems). Plaque is not entirely eliminated from the teeth’s surfaces while brushing and flossing when jaw problems and dental alignment make it difficult to clean the surfaces. Gum tissue becomes irritated as plaque builds up, which eventually may encourage the growth of specific types of dangerous bacteria. This bacterium, which can get into the bloodstream, is the main reason why cardiovascular disease occurs.

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  • It could aid in preventing additional health issues. Actually, having misaligned teeth can result in a variety of health issues, ranging in severity from mild to severe. For instance, an incorrectly positioned jaw can result in painful temporomandibular (jaw) joint anomalies as well as migraines, earaches, trouble with chewing and biting, speech difficulties, and other symptoms.
  • Promote good chewing and speaking techniques. By closing gaps brought on by bad tooth or jaw alignment, braces can be used to cure speech issues. As a result, speech flows more naturally and the tongue has a firm attachment to the roof of the mouth.
  • Move erupting teeth away from potential danger. Orthodontists will initially measure patients for retainers that will correct flaring teeth after braces. An efficient orthodontic tool that can press teeth back so they don’t protrude outward is a retainer.

In the end, studies have shown that when the patient’s skeleton is still developing and flexible, major orthodontic issues can be treated more easily. Early skeletal correction allows us to prepare the mouth for the future eruption of permanent teeth.

The permanent teeth will erupt rather straightly if there is enough room for them to do so. The likelihood that the teeth may get crowded once the braces are taken off is greatly reduced if they erupt somewhat straight.

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