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Summer Tips for Life with Braces: Vacation and BBQs

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It’s summertime in Las Vegas! If your family is planning excursions, vacations or summer BBQ cookouts, read below for tips specific to braces-wearers.

Summer vacations out of town.

If your children are heading off to summer camp, visiting family out of town, or if you are all taking a vacation together, a properly stocked hygiene kit is essential for any family members with orthodontics. It should be stocked with:

  • Floss and threaders, or threaded floss
  • Plenty of extra elastics
  • Travel toothpaste
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Dental wax
  • Mini mirror
  • “Christmas tree” brushes (optional, but these mini conical brushes make brushing between wires easy as can be)

With a properly stocked kit, your child will have fun in the sun while you can rest assured their braces will stay clean, and their orthodontic treatment will stay on track. Before departing for vacation, make sure you have the contact information for our office. Give us a call if you run into any problems while away from home.

Summer BBQs.

Happy family having a barbecue in their garden in summer.Leisure, food, family and holidays concept.

Although we enjoy fantastic weather year-round in Vegas, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a summertime cookout. Although any meal should be adapted for children with braces, there are a few menu items common to BBQ menus that are of concern.

Corn-on-the-cob: Corn kernels should be sliced off of the cob by an adult. Your child with braces should not bite directly into the corn while it is on the cob. The core itself is too hard and too risky. It can easily bend arch wires and displace brackets.

Ribs: This crowd-pleaser can still be enjoyed by kids with braces, but like corn, the meat should be cut off of the rib before eating. Like a corn cob, the bone itself is hard and can easily damage braces, even when care is taken.

Steaks: Cut steak into bite-size pieces for orthodontia-wearers. The smaller the better. Steak is a tough, chewy food, so it poses a danger of bending braces no matter what. But if care is taken while chewing small pieces, most people do not experience problems. Proceed with caution though! Have a burger on-hand as an alternative in case your child reports the steak is quite tough and chewy.

Ice cubes: Ice cubes must be avoided. Keep beverages refrigerated so that ice is unnecessary. Even if it feels like an ice cube can be savored and not chewed, it’s too easy to chew or bite ice without meaning to.

Treats only in moderation: Popsicles, ice cream, cookies – these staples of summer treats can be enjoyed every once in a while, but know that the sugar can increase the risk of calcified, permanent white stains forming around the metal brackets. Make sure your child brushes in the hour after enjoying the treat. Drinking water also helps. Try to encourage them to eat braces-friendly treats, like refrigerated watermelon, grapes and fruit smoothies.

Your braces appointments. The summertime is a great time to relax, but don’t forget to visit our orthodontists for your regularly scheduled appointments! These appointments keep the braces treatment on track and on time.

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