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At boca Dental & Braces, we believe every smile is unique and we’re committed to treating you with the individualized attention and treatment you deserve. Your budget shouldn’t stand in the way of the oral health of you or your family, which is why we are committed to providing premium-quality dental care that is also affordable.

Are your teeth as bright and straight as you’d like them to be? Whether your smile requires a variety of treatments or could simply benefit from a quick whitening, our highly-trained dentists can provide you with the care and results you desire. Don’t let language concerns get in the way of your perfect smile – many of our dentists and staff are bilingual and ready to help answer any question you may have.

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The Governor has identified dental offices as part of Nevada’s essential businesses to remain open. As part of the medical care community which includes hospitals, medical/physician offices, emergency/urgent care facilities, first responders, etc., dental offices are critical to the health and well being of Nevada’s residents. As part of this medical care community, we are charged with providing the necessary oral health care for our community. In fulfilling this role we keep emergency rooms and urgent care facilities open for other medical care needs. We expect that each licensed Boca dentist utilizes their diagnostic/treatment protocols for their particular practice to continue to serve their patients with the understanding that minimizing exposure to COVID-19 is paramount.

For this reason, Boca dental and braces will only be seeing emergency patients. All non-essential treatment will be rescheduled after April 16.

Thank you for being the best part of Boca and stay safe!