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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a specific branch of dentistry that focuses on children’s oral health from birth to teenage years. Boca Dental Pediatric dentists are specially trained to understand the unique dental needs of your children, as well as how to make them feel comfortable in our dental office. 

What services can Boca Pediatric dentists offer to your kids?

Boca Pediatric dentists are experts in dealing with children who simply need gentler care and understanding than adults, especially those with special needs and disabilities.

In addition to providing preventive and routine dental care, we also perform corrective procedures.

Here is a full list of the services we offer:

  • Extractions – When teeth become too infected or if they do not have room in the mouth, a pediatric dentist may recommend that the tooth be extractions
  • Cleaning and Exams – This is more important since your child’s teeth are more prone to cavities due to excessive consumption of sweets and a lack of oral cleaning
  • Crowns and Bridges – Before extraction, we may recommend crowns of bridges to restore damaged crown
  • Tooth-colored fillings – These fillings are made of either ceramic or a composite resin material that blends in with your child’s natural tooth for a better-looking result.tooth colored fillings
  • Traditional Braces – Time-tested metal braces or more discreet clear ceramic braces, both options can guide your child’s teeth in the desired position.traditional braces
  • Invisalign Braces – A system that gradually shifts your child’s teeth into an improved position by using a series of clear plastic aligners. A comfortable and convenient process to straighten teeth.invisalign

How old are our usual Pediatric patients?

As mentioned, we can treat kids from birth to their teenage years. But oftentimes, we still see patients with special needs even past 18 years old because we already know the patient’s dental history, special treatments, and procedure needs.

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