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Sinus Infection And Toothache, Any connection? Here’s How to Tell

It’s spring, the most lovely season of the year when everything blooms. But spring can herald a difficult and uncomfortable season for allergy sufferers. Allergens from spring can inflame the nose and result in sinus infections. But how are your teeth involved in any of this? Plenty. A sinus infection not only causes other symptoms, but it can also hurt your teeth.

When should a person get dental care for a toothache? You should make an appointment to see your dentist if you’re sure that the cause of your tooth discomfort is dental. However, there are situations you feel toothache but it just sinus pressure. In this blog, we will discuss all that.

Is it a Toothache or just Sinus Pain? 

Toothache or just Sinus PainDid you know that the signs of sinus pressure can resemble those of a typical toothache?  Your upper teeth may hurt like they are infected or have cavities if you have sinus congestion and infections.  Learn why sinus pressure can cause a toothache in this blog post, how to determine whether a toothache is caused by sinus pressure, and what to expect at the dentist if you think you may have sinus pressure concerns. 

Recognizing sinusitis

Near the facial bones are the sinuses, which are air-filled passageways. They typically warm, humidify, and filter the air in your nasal cavity. Unfortunately, issues can arise occasionally. Congestion, sinus pressure, and pain can be brought on by sinus infections as well as sinusitis, or sinus inflammation. This discomfort can occasionally manifest as excruciating sinus and teeth ache. When it happens, it frequently results in a persistent aching that affects several teeth. The upper molars are the teeth that are most susceptible to impact since they are situated closest to the sinuses. However, the pain might occasionally be felt in the lower molars.

If sinus pressure is the cause of your tooth pain, you can also experience other sinusitis symptoms. These are similar to symptoms of an allergy or cold:

  • Facial pressure or sensitivity
  • A full or hurting ear
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • bad breath
  • thick, tannish mucous
  • unwell throat

Understanding Tooth Pain

The list of typical reasons for toothache is surprisingly extensive. A number of potential dental issues, including decay, trauma, grinding, infection, and gum disease, can result in painful teeth. It is probably safe to assume that a dental problem is to blame when the pain is severe, throbbing, or restricted to a single tooth. Similarly to this, if you are aware that a tooth has been damaged or think you can see signs of decay, it is likely that a dental issue is to blame for your discomfort.

Dental and Sinus Pain Connections

Dental and Sinus Pain ConnectionThe first thing you should do if you have a toothache is to visit a dentist to find out what is causing it. If the dentist finds no tooth issues, you may be suffering from a sinus infection. If this is the case, your dentist could advise that you visit a doctor for a more thorough examination. So what’s the connection between tooth discomfort and a sinus infection? Why does tooth discomfort from a sinus infection exist?

First and foremost, discomfort in the upper teeth is a common symptom of a sinus infection, therefore this ought to be your first clue that something is wrong with your teeth and not your sinuses. The position of the maxillary teeth and the maxillary sinuses, which are found on either side of your nose, is what links sinus illness with tooth discomfort. The base of the maxillary sinuses is where the roots of your maxillary teeth are located. Your maxillary sinus is in close proximity to the roots of your top back teeth.

The nerves that reach the roots of these teeth may become compressed if fluid gathers here. You may experience discomfort similar to a toothache due to the pressure. Since there is so much pressure building up inside the head, tooth pain associated with a sinus infection is not actually tooth pain; rather, the brain finds it challenging to differentiate between different types of pain.

How to spot tooth discomfort caused by the sinuses alone?

spot tooth discomfortWhile it is still necessary to visit an emergency dentist if you encounter unbearable pain, you can always tell if you are suffering from sinusitis by the type of pain you are experiencing and some accompanying symptoms. The discomfort can be identified from a toothache by the pressure it causes in the neighboring teeth as opposed to the intense pain and sensitivity typical of cavity toothaches. Bad headaches and ear pain are some potential side effects. It may also be a sign that the tooth pain is being brought on by a sinus infection if you also suffer nasal congestion on the side of the affected tooth.

Allergies, viral, bacterial, or fungal infections, or sinusitis are all possible causes. In most cases, sinusitis that presents as a normal cold will go away within a week or two. However, if it is brought on by a bacterial or viral illness, you may want some type of treatment, such as antibiotics, to get rid of the infection. The pain in your maxillary teeth could move to your lower teeth if a sinus infection is not treated. As soon as you start experiencing symptoms, it is advised that you visit a doctor.

Final Words

Whatever the origin of your pain, the discomfort is a sign that something is wrong. If the pain continues, you should first schedule an appointment with your dentist because it’s possible that your toothache has nothing to do with your sinus infection. If you come to Boca Dental and Braces, we may examine your teeth to see if a sinus infection is the cause of your discomfort.

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